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LÜMLIVE is here!

You guys, I'm so excited to announce to you that my new baby is here! LÜMLIVE is my brain child of 2020 that was actually a plan in the ether way before the pandemic. When I opened my yoga studio a week and a half before the pandemic hit, I had no idea I would be creating LÜMLIVE so soon. My plan was to nurture my brick and mortar studio for a year or two, and learn how to be a proper business owner before diving into another huge project. But as the world changed quickly, so did my plan. I had to begin filming classes right away.

I launched the first LÜMLIVE last August after I hurried it together. Last year I became a self-taught camera man and website builder along with about a million other new hats I was wearing to get digital classes out to my followers as quickly as possible. After a few months of filming classes, I began searching for a more user friendly online offering and I partnered up with Vimeo to create a brand new LÜMLIVE experience. I am so proud of the new site and I really hope you guys love it, too. I will continue to film every week and will also be filming my favorite yoga and fitness friends to bring you guys some variety. Please feel free to email me or send me a DM if you have any specific class requests! I always love hearing from you guys! Thank you for your continued support.

Sign up for your 7-Day FREE trial TODAY!

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