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Life Update + Take Yoga Classes with Me!

Life has been a whirlwind lately! Let me give you the bullet points of what I have been working on and what has been keeping me busy while I attempt to stay sane.

  • I started a new business called creating video ads and managing media spend for clients. It's keeping me busy but I love starting new projects!

  • I've been traveling to and from Miami recently to film new yoga classes for House of Athlete, which is the most insane training facility I've ever seen that is owned by retired NFL athlete Brandon Marshall. I'm heading back this weekend to film more and I cannot wait. You know I love being infant of a camera haha!

  • Recently I have changed my morning routine and it's really been helping me start the day off right. I read every single morning when I have my coffee. Here are three books I recently finished. I am providing the links to the books that I added to my new amazon storefront. If you buy these books, please consider buying from the links provided to help support your girl so I can continue making content. I'm really excited to start creating content for my storefront. There's not much going on in there yet as far as content goes, but I will be sharing my favorite things more and more going forward so you can enjoy them, too! Ok, book recommendations...

My New Favorite Books!

  1. 'Fairy Tale' by Stephen King I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK! This is King's most recently publish book and I literally could not put it down. So so good. This is a fiction novel that involves otherwordly things, adventure, murder, and a lot of mysetery.

  2. 'We Are Not Like Them' by Christine Pride and Jo Piazza This fiction novel is about the friendship between a black woman and a white woman and their different experiences during the same events. This novel is really powerful and I love how it is written from two different perspectives with the intention of creating an understanding of how exercising empathy, better communication by having uncomfortable conversations is at the core of creating lasting and meaningful relationships.

  3. 'Disrupt Yourself' by Whitney Johnson This is a non-fiction read, for all of you practical people. This book provides you with functional tools to help you grow professionally. If you are an entrepreneur, read this.

  • I have created a new subscription channel right here on my website where I am offering yoga classes taught by me! For a one time payment of $50 you will have two years of access to this channel. No monthly payments. Just fifty bucks one time and you can practice with me as often as you want. To start off, there are a handful of classes on the channel AND I will continue adding new classes to the channel once a week that you will not have to pay any additional money for. Tell all your friends!

  • We've got merch, y'all! I designed a few items that are now available right here on Water bottles, phone cases, and slides. Yes, the designs are, well...crude. But are we really suprised? I made them, afterall. I would love to hear what you think of them and what else you might like to see!

That's all the updates for now. I plan to start blogging here more frequently. It's kind of like journaling but better because I get to connect with you. I kind of like it. :)

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