Last week I stayed at the cutest airbnb for the second time. I discovered this little gem in the heart of Kansas City in May 2020. At that time the world was two months in to quarantine, I was jobless, home schooling my 9 year old child and completely desperate for a change of scenery. I took to airbnb to discover somewhere interesting to stay for a couple of nights. I needed somewhere out of the ordinary and magical because life was feeling so depressing and monotonous during this time. And it had to have some kind of feature that would entertain my kid-- he was dying for a break from routine probably more than I was. As soon as I saw the pictures of this completely renovated airstream I knew this was the place! This charming tiny home looks like something you would find at Joshua Tree or in Palm Springs. Complete with a hanging egg chair and outdoor hot tub, the ambiance is something out of a quaint little dream. It was the perfect quarantine staycation. BOOKED! We loved it! Lennox didn't want to leave and neither did I. As a kid, this place had to feel super magical and I knew our little stay would be a memory that he would keep forever.

Fast forward an entire year- wtf 2020 was such a blur- we were dying to go back. Lennox, now 10, was excited to tell all his friends at school that we would be returning to "our RV" and I couldn't wait to get back in that hot tub. The newly renovated airstream has a queen sized bed that is actually very comfortable, running water, a fully operational bathroom and shower, a cute kitchen that I definitely didn't cook in, and a gorgeous leather sofa that we curled up together on to watch Free Willy. Lennox had never seen it, and I hadn't watched it since I was a kid. I definitely cried lol. There is also a grill outside for guests to use, but I'm more of an order pizza while camping kind of girl.

I have a feeling the second time at "our RV" was not our last time. Some places just feel extra special, and this is one of those places. Looking forward to next time.

Follow the @airstreamtinyhouse on instagram. And book your stay HERE!

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You guys, I'm so excited to announce to you that my new baby is here! LÜMLIVE is my brain child of 2020 that was actually a plan in the ether way before the pandemic. When I opened my yoga studio a week and a half before the pandemic hit, I had no idea I would be creating LÜMLIVE so soon. My plan was to nurture my brick and mortar studio for a year or two, and learn how to be a proper business owner before diving into another huge project. But as the world changed quickly, so did my plan. I had to begin filming classes right away.

I launched the first LÜMLIVE last August after I hurried it together. Last year I became a self-taught camera man and website builder along with about a million other new hats I was wearing to get digital classes out to my followers as quickly as possible. After a few months of filming classes, I began searching for a more user friendly online offering and I partnered up with Vimeo to create a brand new LÜMLIVE experience. I am so proud of the new site and I really hope you guys love it, too. I will continue to film every week and will also be filming my favorite yoga and fitness friends to bring you guys some variety. Please feel free to email me or send me a DM if you have any specific class requests! I always love hearing from you guys! Thank you for your continued support.

Sign up for your 7-Day FREE trial TODAY!

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Want to hear a funny story?

When I wanted to become a yoga teacher I was terrified of any form of public speaking. And it doesn’t matter how “good” at yoga you are, if you can’t communicate, you can’t teach. The idea of getting in-front of a class and saying words and constructing sentences that could be understood well enough for people to move their bodies into beautiful shapes for an entire hour made me want to pass out. I was so scared I would mess up. I was scared of not knowing enough and that people would think I was terrible and had no business teaching. But I wanted it so badly! And I knew the only way I was going to be able to get over this debilitating fear would be to get my ass up there and teach.

And so I did. And I had to take Xanax to do it! Not even kidding. I was hyperventilating before I got up to teach the first time and I needed drugs to get through it. Not very yogic of me, right? But the drugs took the edge off enough to prevent me from having a full-blown panic attack and I survived my first teaching experience. Someone legitimately yelled out while I was teaching, “We can’t hear you!” and in that moment

I wanted to dig a hole and crawl into it.

BUT I got through it. Afterward, not only did my fear drastically decrease, but I felt fucking amazing. I did the thing that I was so scared to do and yes, I sucked MAJORLY the first time but I didn’t even care. My life completely changed that day. I think I maybe took Xanax to help me teach about 3-5 times after that until I didn’t need it anymore. Now I can talk all day in front of people on a stage, on camera, on podcasts or anywhere (WITHOUT DRUGS) and it is one of my most favorite things ever.

Since that day I have noticed, the things that scare me are usually closely related to the things that I really want. And I think that might be true for everyone. If there is something you really want, and in order to have it you have to do something that scares you, I think that you should do it. Run toward whatever that that scary thing is because something incredible is on the other side.

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