Mara Olney Yoga

Mara Olney is a yoga teacher and entrepreneur.

Founder and CEO of LÜM Health Studio and LÜM LIVE.

Mara is passionate about teaching yoga, creating content, and providing other fitness instructors and yoga teachers with a home and platform to share their craft with the world. 

"I love teaching yoga and more than anything I love the amazing people that have crossed my path since beginning this journey. 

Creating LÜM has been the best decision I have made and as I continue to connect with talented and passionate teachers, I am realizing that teaching was only ever meant to be a small part of my purpose.

Growing and expanding LÜM and the reach that we have as a studio and brand is what I have become most lit up about about.

My goals over the years have evolved from teaching classes and expanding my personal brand to supporting the amazing instructors that I work with while they create their own brands, and that is so much more fun.

This is not a typical yoga/fitness studio.

LÜM is a space for creating and connecting.

We have big plans for LÜM and we are only just beginning."





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