Mara Olney

the anti-yoga yoga teacher

Mara Olney is a yoga teacher to elite professional athletes, public speaker, writer, entrepreneur and founder of


Mara is passionate about teaching mindful movement, creating content, collaborating with other creative people and providing fitness instructors and yoga teachers with a home and platform to share their craft with the world. 

"I love teaching yoga and more than anything I love the amazing people that have crossed my path since beginning this journey. 

Creating LÜM has been the best decision I have made and as I continue to connect with talented and passionate teachers, I am realizing that teaching was only ever meant to be a small part of my purpose.

Growing and expanding LÜMLIVE and the reach that we have as a virtual yoga and fitness studio is what I have become most lit up about about."

In addition to her work as a teacher, Mara is a freelance branding and social-media consultant who provides services to businesses that value expert guidance for social media development, strategy  and strong professional copy-writing services. 

Connect with Mara to discuss how she can help your brand level up.





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